Acrylic Art Block Featuring a Butterfly Collection

Butterfly Acrylic Art Block Print – Blue

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Acrylic Art Block

Blue Butterfly Acrylic Art

Scientists and adventurers once collected exotic butterfly specimens to fill Cabinets of Curiosities, preserving rare creatures forever. These modern collections are captured in clear acrylic and will add an evocative pop of color to your home. Each small acrylic masterpiece in our collection is inspired by a global story, whether it’s a boldly colored zebra print, a miniature Cameroonian juju hat or a pink-haired punk rocker, you know that behind the resin, there’s a tale to tell. The clarity of the acrylic adds life to these art pieces and richness to their colors. The weight of the pieces means they can stand upright, or used as a paperweight. The best part? They’re simply modern and fun! The small size means they’re great for displaying on bookcases, tabletops or desks. They’re unexpected – and a little unconventional. (Like you, perhaps? We thought so!)


Exclusive Boho Luxe Home Art

Size: 5″x 7″ x  3/4″ Depth

Reverse printed in a 3/4″ thick acrylic block

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 ft

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